What Readers Are Saying

The Drowning Game

"What an incredible novel put together in several shorter stories or episodes. Everything started with the drowning game (a boy actually drowned in a competition who could hold his breath longest under water) in the pool of the old Sutton House. Who is this mysterious Melissa or Melissandre we often come across? What is her connection to the Sutton family (who built this town and were the richest family). I love the reference to the old folk lore of Melusine (a kind of female water demon). Main character is Sandy, a 13-year old girl who was a witness to the terrible drowning of the boy. Later on she takes on a job with Ignace Pace who owns the historical museum of Sutton. What about the gold nuggets he has on display and the mysterious old man who tries to get them back? What is hidden inside the clothes of the mannequin in the window? The author invents a whole town and lets her main character act in a brilliant way from one eerie and uncanny adventure to another. The stories are well plotted, you soon feel familiar with the cast and everything is very mysterious and compelling. I was very surprised about the quality of that book and was very enthusiastic about reading it. Highly recommended" – Peter, Goodreads

"The author note at the start of this book states she was inspired by Ray Bradbury's Green Town trilogy. I love those stories and I found this every bit as enjoyable."– CJ, Goodreads